As part of the home improvement industry, Atlas Putty Products understands the value of what a home can be and how communities build upon and enhance that experience.

A long active member to the Village of Tinley Park, we recognize our civic responsibility and actively support various organizations that help us grow.  Part of our involvement range from engaging in various philanthropy, taking part in activities aiding those in our community, and synergies which build upon the community.

St. Coletta’s of Illinois, Inc.  & CTF Illinois, are two established organizations we work in unison to provide occupational opportunities developing work skills and aptitudes that enhance each participant’s employability. We appreciate the opportunity to work with these highly regarded programs as they enhance our functionality and provide a valuable service.

St. Coletta’s of Illinois, Inc. was created by the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi for the specific purpose of providing services for all children and adults with developmental disabilities and other persons with short-term needs. The Work Services Program provides a variety of paid work opportunities that develop work skills and aptitudes that enhance each participant’s employability.  The program environment attempts to simulate a community based work environment while under the supervision of staff that provide the structure and training required for participation in remunerative activities.

CTF Illinois is dedicated to empowering individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities to LIVE. WORK. ADVOCATE.  Their success is measured in the number of lives touched with the quality programs and services they provide.   CTF ILLINOIS’ vocational program is successful because community members and business owners understand the importance and value of providing paid vocational opportunities to people with developmental disabilities.

St. Coletta, Illinois

St. Coletta, Illinois